This year too all the museums of Ejmiatsin have joined the initiative ''Museum night''. It's the 17th time that the day is celebrated in Armenia. The eventful program at House-Museum of Hovhannes Hovhannisyan was entitled "The Guardians of the Earth and the Sky". The day was devoted to the memory of the fallen Armenians of the last Artsakh war, among them prose writer Vachagan Manukyan from Ejmiatsin.
During the event the works by Vachagan Manukyan, Khachik Manukyan and Hovhannes Hovhannisyan wеre presented.
Specialist in literature Armen Avanesyan, the author of the book "National Hero" devoted to Vachagan Manukyan, says that our tomorrow's victories must come through culture, and the fallen boys gave their lives to preserve our identity and culture.
Speaking about the book devoted to Vachagan Mnukyan, he emphasizes that his example must be contagious for the young generation in order to realize the meaning of our identity.
According to Eduard Militonyan, the President of the Writers' Union, carrying the motherland in your soul, fighting and creating for the motherland are eternal values and Vachagan Manukyan is one of the best examples of the above mentioned.
The symbolic exhibition of the paintings by painter Nerses Melikyan was opened in the literary hall of the House-Museum. 50 paintings out of 5165 in the series, are now ready, all of them are trees. Small pieces of iron are used in the paintings.
The three-part series of the paintings is entitled "The Height is Ours, but the Boys are Not". Nerses Melikyan donated the painting devoted to Vachagan Manukyan to the museum. It was created in a matter of days, conveying to the canvas the feelings of the moment.
Only one of Vachagan Manukyan's books has been published so far, and the second book by the young prose writer will be published soon.
Keeping the tradition, the staff of the museum prepared a wish tree for the guests.
Armenian music was playing in the Historical and Ethnographic Museum․ "Akunq" ethnographic ensemble had a concert entitled "Akunqits Akunq".
The cooperation between the museum and the ensemble started on April 25 with a concert program entitled "Look". Prior to the concert, carpets, household items and jewelry from different states of Western Armenia kept in the Historical and Ethnographic Museum of Ejmiatsin were exhibited in the reopened foyer of Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall.
The concert featuring Armenian music, song and dance from the states of Western Armenia was held in the museum.
One of the new exhibits of the Historical and Ethnographic Museum is the large-scale map, which presents all the monuments of Ejmiatsin.
The museums were crowded all day long; many of the visitors came from other places to get acquainted with the museums of the city for the first time.
The aim of the program ''Museum Night'' is to increase the role of museums in the public life. About 37 000 museums from 157 countries have already joined the program. The day is celebrated on May 18 in all countries.