Dutch Slavuj sang Armenian. During the concert devoted to the 150th anniversary of Komitas at Machanents' house, “Slavuj” Dutch group (Choir master: Ivo Boswijk) performed Armenian folk songs.
Dutch Slavuj sang in Armenian. On May 3, the air of Ejmiastin was filled with Komitas atmosphere, but different from usual. Within the scope of the Year of Komitas, the Dutch "Slavuj" choir and the "Zwarte Zee" orchestra were in Armenia to congratulate the 150th anniversary of Vardapet in a unique way.
During the concert at Machanents' house, the groups performed Komitas and Armenian folk songs causing the surprise and admiration of those present. "Erzurum Shoror", "Flowering Cherry Tree", "I Will Die for the Breeze of the Mountains", "Dance with Braids", "Oh, Mountains, Bring Breeze", "Tragedy of Adana", "Cranes" and many other popular works were performed with the Dutch interpretation. Excitement accompanied the guests throughout the whole concert. The "reason" for this was the singers' performances with the right pronunciation and accentuation. The concert was organized by the efforts of kanon player Ruzanna Hakobyan and her husband from the Netherlands.
The concert was attended by Proto-Archimandrite Father Zakaria Baghumyan, Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan, representatives of the Ministries of Culture and Diaspora, citizens of the city.
"The language to speak with the God is Armenian and thanks to you, today we spoke with God'' expressed his gratitude to the musicians Grigor Machanents Babakhanyan, the founder of “Cross of Armenian Unity''. "Komitas is of national and world value. Mothers should instill it in their children from childhood, serving a Komitas portion with breakfast in the morning", he added.
He gave the musicians a symbolic pen, which writes exclusively in Armenian. In its turn, the choir prepared a surprise for CAU. The organization implements the project "Art as a means of Socialization" aimed at the purpose to socialize children with special educational needs. The project was supposed to end in August due to lack of necessary funding, but the choir will have a charity concert in the Netherlands, directing all the profit to the project.
Mayor of Ejmiatsin first in Armenian, then in English addressed those present.
''Thank you for presenting the Armenian culture, the Armenian values so carefully and so beautifully. It speaks about the fact that you, first of all, perceived the Armenian soul, because you were able to present it correctly, to move the audience.
We believed that you were really realizing what you were singing; this is the power of art, which does not recognize any border or nationality".
And the gratitude speech in Armenian of orchestra member Shyurd Bakker was followed with loud applauses by those present. "It is a great honor for us to sing for you in Armenia. Armenian songs are gaining more importance and we understand and feel their meaning in a better way," said Shyurd Bakker.
The group also had performances at the Chamber Music House and Karahunj House of Culture. The concerts were supported by the Ministries of Diaspora and Culture.