Holidays and Memorial Days

All-Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan was not only a great reader and loved to buy books, but also often gave them as presents. Therefore, it is not accidental that Hovhannes Tumanyan's birthday is celebrated in Armenia as a book giving day. The book giving day in Ejmiatsin was both full of books and events. There was a pleasant fuss near the Central Library. People donated books to the library and took photos in the thematic pavilion.
The alley of pictures made the mood of the area complete. The works of the students of the Fine-Arts School after Yeghishe Tadevosyan were the illustrations of book covers. Tumanyan prevailed in 41 works presented.
Mayor Diana Gasparyan, following the meaning of the day, donated newly published books to the library, promising to replenish the library's book fund on regular basis.
In his speech, Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan emphasized the importance of the book and the fact of its being irreplaceable, noting that the book is always alive, it is a living companion of people.
"Read and thus make alive the words written in the books," shared the advice given to him years ago Vardan Devrikyan, the Director of the Institute of Literature after Manuk Abeghyan of the National Academy of Sciences.