Physically in Ejmiatsin, but with minds in Paris and hearts filled with songs of Aznavour.
In the Culture House after Komitas three artists and one Jazz quartet performed Aznavour, danced Aznavour, lived and made alive Aznavour filling the air with music and memories of Aznavour.
With entirely new approach and jazz performances Alla Sahakyan, Narek Baghdasaryan and Stepan Ghambaryan represented the known and unknown episodes of the world-famous chansonnier.
The artists play Aznavour, Roché, Piaf and other people who played crucial role at different crossroads of the chansonnier's life. They sing and dance taking the audience to another time and space, to the middle of the previous century, from France to the United States of America.
The author of the idea and staging is Alla Sahakyan who emphasizes that Aznavour is a symbol of struggle and non-giving up. He is an example for many people proving that one can have great achievements and conquer the world starting from nothing.
Alla Sahakyan's husband, famous jazz musician Gary Kesayan, who had had several occasions to meet Aznavour personally and accompany him, assisted his wife to bring her idea to life.
The author of this two-act performance is Narine Grigoryan, the Honourary Artsist of the Republic of Armenia.
The choreographer of the dances is Inesa Arzakantsyan.
The audience's delighted regards towards the actors and musicians were a special expression of gratitude for the opportunity granted and the pleasure received.
The concert-performance was over but the impressions will still last long in the hearts of those present.