Communal Services

On the initiative of the Municipality of Ejmiatsin, within the scope of the city-wide clean-up day, garbage removal and cleaning works were carried out in the city yards, parks and gardens, as well as in other public areas. Acting Mayor Diana Gasparyan had made the decision to declare a clean-up day based on the issues raised by the residents.
Taking into account the hot weather, the works started early in the morning and continued till midday.
During the sanitary cleaning, special attention was paid to the cleaning and improvement of the yard areas.
Large-scale waste removal works were carried out near the bridge in Zvartnots District.
The staff of the Municipality, employees of the state and private organizations and members of non-governmental organizations were actively involved in the social useful labor of cleaning and improving Ejmiatsin with joint efforts.
The participants were provided with shovels, gloves, bags and other necessary items.