Holidays and Memorial Days

International Students' Day is celebrated around the world on November 17. The holiday goes back to Czechoslovakia. It is aimed at emphasizing the potential of the students that should be used more effectively.
On the occasion of the International Students' Day, the Student Council of Ejmiatsin and the Municipality organized a comprehensive event for the active students of Ejmiatsin, non-governmental organizations uniting young people and the students of the high schools. The members of the Student Council had performances at the artistic part of the event, after which Mayor Diana Gasparyan congratulated them, noting that she was glad to see how the students are actively and jointly involved in the processes aimed at solving the daily problems of Armenia.
The event continued with intellectual-strategic games and an open discussion of young people's ideas and visions for the future.
The role of students is very important in the process of the development of the State, as clever, educated students with high values are the future of the country. The Municipality handed certificates of gratitude to the active young people of Ejmiatsin, expecting the students to work more closely with the Municipality of Ejmiatsin.