Communal Services

Garbage collection and disposal works were carried out in the whole territory of Ejmiatsin city within the scope of "Clean Armenia" nation-wide clean-up day events. The cleaning was carried out in the addressed areas. To organize the work properly, the whole area of the city was mapped beforehand, the area was divided into separate parts, and people in charge were appointed. Those volunteers who had been registered in advance were provided with necessary items. In order to carry out the work effectively, 18 machines and equipment were also involved.
The employees of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, RA Armavir Marzpetaran and Ejmiatsin Municipality headed by Minister Suren Papikyan, Marzpet Hambardzum Matevosyan and Mayor Diana Gasparyan joined the cleaning works of Ejmiatsin-Armavir road.
The educational, healthcare institutions, private companies, businesses, banks and non-governmental organizations, as well as soldiers serving in Ejmiatsin took an active part in the cleaning of the city. Argishti Mekhakyan, the elected Member of Parliament from Armavir region by the "My Step" alliance, also joined them.
Following the call of the Municipality, the citizens also carried out sanitary cleaning works in their yards and adjacent areas.
As a result of the works, the areas adjacent to intercity and community roads, parks and public buildings were cleaned of the garbage. And at the end of the day, the collected garbage was taken to the landfill by the Municipality cars.
The nation-wide clean-up days are going to be organized every month aiming at the developing in the public consciousness the culture of both cleaning and not polluting.