Cleanness of the environment and the preservation and expansion of green areas is one of the primary and vital environmental programs.
Within the scope of the programs aimed at having clean and green Armenia, trees were planted on the roadside of Ejmiatsin-Armavir highway, which had been cleaned during the nation-wide clean-up day by the joint efforts of the staffs of Ejmiatsin Municipality, RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development and Armavir Marzpetaran.
As a result of the works started early in the morning and again due to the joint efforts, about 200 trees were planted in this area. Among the trees were ash-trees, fruit-bearing trees and bushes.
RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Suren Papikyan, Head of RA Armavir Region Hambardzum Matevosyan and Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan took an active part in the tree planting.
Nature conservation is the foundation stone of ensuring a healthy future for our generations.
Such programs are aimed at not only cleaning and greening of the areas, but also at the further preservation of those areas.