April 29 has been marked as International Dance Day since 1982, and since 1995 the festive day has been celebrated under the auspices of UNESCO. The International Dance Day is aimed at uniting all directions of dance as a united art form, which is able to cross political, cultural and ethnic boundaries, uniting people for friendship and peace, allowing them to speak the same language - the language of dance. Following this idea, the events devoted to the International Dance Day started in Ejmiatsin on the eve of the festive day with an open lesson of Armenian national dances. Petros Ordakyan conducted an open dance lesson in the Park close to the Square after Komitas of Ejmiatsin.
The main event was held on April 29. The event was citywide involving both the dance groups from the Culture House and those carrying out their activity in the city. The first part of the event was held in the courtyard of the Culture House after Komitas and then continued on the stage of the Culture House.
According to the meaning of the day, the event brought together the pupils of different dance directions and different dance styles. About 250 pupils participated in the event.