Holidays and Memorial Days

On the occasion of the International Children's Day, on the initiative of the Municipality of Ejmiatsin, a number of events were organized in the city. The events were held in different parts of the city.
The festive events started in the afternoon at Charents and Zvartnots districts.
A joyful concert program was organized in Charents district with the participation of a fairy tale hero and an entertainer. Ahead of the holiday, a playground was installed in the yard of Charents 4A building. There was a high festive mood in Zvartnots district. Benefactor Gor Sahakyan presented to the children of the district a playground-park with a mini football field. In just 2 months, the area has changed beyond recognition, turning into a unique park where the residents of the district can fully enjoy their leisure time. The opening was accompanied by a concert program with the participation of fairy tale characters and entertainers.
Mayor Diana Gasparyan handed a certificated of gratitude to the benefactor for his personal contribution to the improvement of the city and for the close and effective cooperation with the Municipality.
Festive events in the city center started at 2 p.m. The festive program started with the opening of a playground in the park close to the Municipality.
The joyful program continued with the entertainer and the characters of the fairy tale, after which the children participated in sportlandia.
The children painted pictures of the symbols of peace on the area intended for painting with chalk. And the series of festive events ended with a joyful concert program with the participation of the song and dance groups of the city, during which quiz questions were asked, and the children who answered correctly received fairy tale books as a gift from the Municipality.
A funny festive program with fairy tale characters, balloons, ice cream and sweets was also organized for the children of Pet. Tnkaran.
Within the scope of the cooperation with the Municipality, individual entrepreneurs also prepared free ice cream, sweet sticks, balloons and other gifts for the residents of the city throughout the day.