The CSO-LSB conference entitled “Introduction of the Corruption Prevention Toolset in Local Self-Government Bodies: International Experience and Future Steps” was held at Ejmiatsin.
At present RA anticorruption strategy and program of events is being developed, which contains a clause about introducing anticorruption schemes and programs of activities also in the cities with population of 15 thousand and more. The discussion held at the Municipality was the first one in the development stage.
Deputy Minister of Justice of RA Anna Vardapetyan, President of the Union of Communities of Armenia Emin Yeritsyan, Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan, President of the Armenian Lawyers' Association, “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” Project Manager Karen Zadoyan as well as the Heads and representatives of the Communities of Armenia were present at the conference.
The discussions were about the fight against corruption in the local self-government bodies, the international experience was presented, the possibilities of introducing anticorruption strategies and programs of events in the local self-government bodies, as well as prevention of corruption and provision of ethics in local and territorial level were discussed.
The agenda was held in the atmosphere of active and constructive discussions, questions and answers.
Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan also delivered a speech during the conference. Speaking about the possibilities of introducing anticorruption strategies and programs in the local self-government bodies Diana Gasparyan presented the steps taken in Ejmiatsin and the experience of Ejmiatsin toward the provision of corruption prevention, underlining that these steps gave the desirable result.
At the end of the discussion the Mayor also answered the questions of the participants.