From September 27 till now, the city authorities of Ejmiatsin have devoted all their resources to the necessary actions aimed at the defense of the Motherland and arising from the martial law, securing the rear in a united and organized manner.
From September 28 aimed at supporting Artsakh and the Defense Army, an operative response staff has been formed in Ejmiatsin Municipality with a 24-hour work schedule. The staff is engaged in the matters concerning the registration and support of the people from Artsakh. Up to now 2065 people from Artsakh have been registered in Ejmiatsin.
In coordination with the RA Ministry of Defense necessary food and supplies were collected at Ejmiatsin Municipality.
The Municipality operatively arranged the transportation of the goods to Artsakh. 37 trucks loaded with necessary food and goods left for Artsakh during the days of the war.
Counting also the internal movement, about 1700 people from Artsakh, more than 250 families took refuge in our city during the days of war. During this period, with the support of the Government, individuals, businessmen-benefactors and organizations we managed to provide these families with food, necessary clothes, hygiene and other necessary items. Many of them were also provided with shelter.
These families have been provided with food at a 10-days interval.
The Municipality of Ejmiatsin has organized the return to Stepanakert, capital of the Republic of Artsakh of those families who had the intention to go back home. Up to now 300 people have already returned from Ejmiatsin to Stepanakert.
The pupils of Ejmiatsin Municipality Fine-Arts school after Yegh. Tadevosyan, Armfighting Ejmiatsin Sports Club and Sports School after Hamlet Paturyan organized charity exhibition-sale the whole income of which, i.e. 1.530.201 (one million five hundred and thirty thousand two hundred and one) dram was transferred to “Hayastan” All-Amenian Fund for the fundraising campaign “We are our borders. All for Artsakh”.
The city of Ejmiatsin also donated to the Defense Army an UAZ Hunter SUV and two Willys brand cars which had been acquired with the means of Manvel Hovhannisyan, a businessman from Ejmiatsin.
We express our gratitude to all those individuals, organizations and institutions who in collaboration with Ejmiatsin Municipality have donated various items, food, medicines and hygiene items to the Armed Forces and for the needs of people from Artsakh.