June 29, 2021
Memorandum of understanding for collaboration

The memorandum of friendship and collaboration between the cities of Ejmiatsin (Republic of Armenia) and Almelo (Kingdom of the Netherlands) was signed on June 29, 2021.

Almelo is a city with many faces. Characterised by its quirky nature, sense of level-headedness, and great hospitable people, Almelo is a special mix of old and new. Almelo is situated in the east of Holland in the province of Overijssel. It is also the name of a municipality in the same area. The towns and cities in the municipality are Almelo, Mariaparochie, Aadorp and Bornerbroek. The population of Almelo is about 72,000.
The city of Almelo has existed since 1236 when a small gathering of houses formed at the place where a road went across a small stream and grew from there. The village must have been a prosperous place as it grew quickly enough to be granted the status of a city around the turn of the 14th century.
There was a castle built in the city center in 1662 called the Huize Almelo. The castle still stands today and has some very good mosaics around one of its entrances. The family that built it still lives in the city and takes part in bringing historical buildings back to life. Almelo did not really take off as an industrial city until the industrial revolution happened.
When the availability of machines to spin and weave cloth was brought to the Netherlands, local merchants and businessmen started to build highly profitable factories and so the fortunes of the city were much enhanced. A new wealthy elite started to build huge new homes for themselves. And the influx of money also provided investment that helped to build new canals and eventually, the railway as well. This marked a long period of prosperity for the town that was to last well into the 20th century.
Countless of old buildings have been preserved and are a reminder of a time when the textile city was at the core of industrial development along the canals of Overijssel. Many other beautiful spots in Almelo have been preserved from old times.
Discover the surroundings of castle Huize Almelo, the City Museum, the Weavers cottage museum, the bakery museum of Bolletje, or surprise yourself with a special overnight stay in the former prison of Almelo ("Huis van Bewaring"), which has been transformed into a gorgeous hotel.