The Drama Theater takes the play "Great Silence" on a two-day tour in Ejmiatsin.
The staging of Perch Zeytuntsyan's drama with the same name depicts the life of the Armenian intellectuals during the Genocide of 1915. The author of the staging is Armen Khandikyan, the composer is Tigran Mansuryan. The main protagonist is Daniel Varuzhan, played by Artashes Mkhitaryan, the Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia.
The play has been on the stage of the Drama Theatre for more than 30 years and it is already being staged with the participation of the second generation. Actor Armen Barseghyan, who represents the character of Jemal Oghuz, played Komitas during the first performance.
The regional tours are initiated by the Ministry of Culture. Ejmiatsin is the sixth community where the theatre has performances. Actor Narine Petrosyan, who plays Varuzhan's wife, describes the character of Araksi as a collective character of an Armenian woman who is a strong support for her husband when needed. Speaking about the importance of the performance, she added that attending such performances is especially important for school-age children, so that the survey of the Armenian history, cultural values and the idea of Armenian’s self-consciousness are strengthened in them.
The stage was familiar to Babken Chobanyan, who plays Ruben Sevak. Years ago, during his years of service, he had the opportunity to perform on this stage. As for the play, he mentioned that it awakens the Armenian spirit, gives an opportunity to look back to see what happened in the days of the tragedy, but the play is not discouraging.
These tours, initiated by the Ministry of Culture, are aimed at culture development outside of Yerevan and are an opportunity to introduce high art to the citizens of the regions.