2019 was declared the year of Komitas in Armenia, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Vardapet.
The year in Ejmiatsin was full of events held in the institutions under the subordination of the Municipality and in NGOs.
The anniversary of Komitas united the members of "Mer Doon" non-governmental organization and the pupils of Music School №1 after Makar Yekamlyan, who had initiated a joint event which was held in the organization.
In March, a lecture-exhibition was held in the Music School №1 after Makar Yekamlyan on the initiative of the Municipality and "Artprogress" cultural non-governmental organization. During the lecture-exhibition Seda Sheyranyan, the lecturer of the Department of History of Music of the Conservatory, delivered a lecture, ‘’Agape’’ Chamber Choir, ‘’Velvet’’ String Quartet and other individual musicians had their performances. The works of the pupils of Ejmiatsin Fine-Arts School after Yeghishe Tadevosyan about Komitas were exhibited in the hall of the school.
A concert-discussion was held in the First Music School with the participation of the pupils of the theoretical department. The pupils briefly presented the life and creative path of Komitas, and the works of Komitas were performed by the pupils of different classes of the school during the part of concert.
A few days later, a quiz competition was held between 4 groups of pupils from different classes of the school.
During the matinee held on April 25 in the Music School №2 after Spiridon Melikyan, the pupils of the school performed Komitas’ both well-known and unknown songs.
With the support of the Ministries of Diaspora and Culture, the Dutch "Slavuy" Choir and the "Zwarte Zee" Orchestra were in Armenia within the scope of the year of Komitas. They had special congratulation for the 150th anniversary of the Vardapet. During the concert at Machanents' house, the groups performed Komitas and Armenian folk songs.
The children of IQ Development Centre organized an open-air event entitled "Shades of Komitas Works’’. An exhibition of the works of the pupils of the centre was held, where they presented Komitas through the eyes of the children.
On the eve of Ejmiatsin Day, on October 7, the event organized at the Central Library after Hovhannes Hovhannisyan was attended by the guests of the city, who honored us with their presence at the celebration of the 2704th anniversary of the city.
On December 8, ‘’Shoghakn’’ Choir and the musicians of the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra performed the spiritual and secular compositions of Komitas at the Music School after Makar Yekmalyan. The concert was initiated by Artashes Melikyan, the violinist of the Philharmonic Orchestra.
Perhaps the most large-scale event of the jubilee year took place on September 25, on the eve of the anniversary of Komitas in the courtyard of the Culture House. A number of song and dance groups of the city united to celebrate Vardapet's anniversary in their own way. They presented the audience the important episodes of Komitas' life in the language of art.
With his unwavering faith in God, the Church and the Motherland, Komitas purified and armenianized our song, being sure that our century-old identity is in the song that comes from the hearts and souls of the people.