The pupils of Ejmiatsin Municipality Fine-Arts School after Yegh. Tadevosyan, Armfighting Ejmiatsin Sports CLUB and Sports School after Hamlet Paturyan have united around the idea of helping Artsakh and encouraging the soldiers who keep our borders secure.
Within the scope of much-needed patriotic initiative in this war situation, on October 21 from 15:00 to 18:00 a charity sale will be organized on the area near the Square after Komitas. The whole income of this event will be transferred to “Hayastan” All-Amenian Fund for the fundraising campaign “We are our borders. All for Artsakh”.
The children have expressed a desire to sell even their most favorite items in the charity sale. The works of the pupils of the fine-arts school will also be presented.
Let's take an active part in the charity sale for the benefit of Armenia and Artsakh.