In order to attract investments and implement innovations in urban infrastructures, Ejmiatsin Municipality is open and ready to cooperate with all the organizations and individuals who want to have a contribution to the development of Ejmiatsin, the spiritual center of all Armenians.
We are glad to inform that yesterday a new hotel and restaurant complex was opened at 8 Alaverdyan Street of our city, which will not only provide new job opportunities, but will also create a colorful environment and an opportunity for pleasant entertainment both for the residents and the guests of our city.
It should be noted that the building, which will henceforth serve as a restaurant complex, is included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of Ejmiatsin. It has been completely reinforced and restored in exactly the same appearance, preserving the historical environment. Thus, this investment program has also solved the problem of preserving one of the historical and cultural buildings preserved in our city.
Aiming to ensure the necessary investments in the relevant fields, we encourage the establishment and expansion of cooperation between the Municipality and the private sector in various fields of urban economy.