Holidays and Memorial Days

The Central library of Ejmiatsin celebrated the anniversary of “The Poet of All Armenians” Hovhannes Tumanyan and the book giving day.
Because of the pandemic this year the event in the library was not a big one, but during the whole day there were organized short events with not many guests and at separate times.
Ahead of the day many changes had been made in the library: the reading room was rearranged, separate areas for children, music and art were relevantly furnished. The library was furnished with new puff chairs, musical instruments and educational games. The book stock is periodically being contemporized.
The first guests with presents on the Book Giving Day were the children of № 6 ''Arevik'' kindergarten.
Some of Hovhannes Tumanyan's fairy tales were read and cartoons were demonstrated in the separated hall for children.
During the interactive event the world libraries were touched upon, through questions and answers the children got acquainted with the children's sector.
The library actively cooperates with the bookshops and publishing houses, it is continuously being replenished with new books, which are in demand by the readers.
Speaking about the existing book stock and upcoming changes Hasmik Melkonyan, the Director of the library, noted that both classic and professional literature is in demand by the readers. In this regard also attempts are made to replenish the library.
The library has literature in about 28 languages among them Polish, Estonian, Hebrew. The department of English and French literature is quite rich.
This year the library celebrates the 100th anniversary of its foundation and all year round it will present the readers new innovative approaches and various events.