On the initiative of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, a regular sports festival was held in all regions of Armenia and in Artsakh. During the annual festival, the sportsmen have demonstrative performances. The aim of it is to propagate a healthy lifestyle, popularize physical culture and sports and restore the tradition of organizing physical culture days in the communities.
Ejmiatsin held the sports festival in the park close to the Municipality. It started with a parade.
Ejmiatsin participated in the sports festival with 11 sports and about 1000 sportsmen. The sportsmen from Ejmiatsin had brilliant performances in mini-football, volleyball, basketball, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, boxing, fights without rules, gymnastics, chess and a number of other sports and shared their experience with those present.
The results of the sports festival were summed up the next day. According to the program of the festival, the sportsmen who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were awarded the certificates of the RA Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. And the winners of the first place were also awarded sportswear. Acting Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan awarded the sportsmen the certificates. Congratulating them on the occasion of the festival, Diana Gasparyan donated a treadmill to "Sports School №1" CNPO wishing the sportsmen new achievements.