Towards the 150th anniversary of Komitas Vardapet, on the initiative of the Ejmiatsin Municipality and Mother See of Holy Ejmiatsin, September 25-27 have been declared as "Komitas Days" in Ejmiatsin. Among the upcoming events are exhibitions of Komitas books, personal belongings, paintings and musical performances.
The start of Komitas Days was marked by the exhibition of Vardapet's paintings brought from Komitas Museum-Institute to Ejmiatsin. The presented paintings were donated to the museum-institute by the Union of Armenian Artists of the World. These are works by 36 artists, which today the citizens and the guests of Ejmiatsin can get acquainted with in their hometown.
In addition to the photo exhibition at the Ejmiatsin Historical and Ethnographic Museum, the day was also marked by a concert of Komitas State String Quartet for the lovers of Komitas music. After the songs the Sky is Cloudy, Crane, Shogher Jan, Nazan Yar and a number of other Komitas works, the quartet ended the performance with Vagharshapat Dance composition. At the end of the concert, Acting Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan handed certificates of gratitude to the members of the quartet. Komitas days continue in Ejmiatsin. Various cultural events are also planned for September 26 and 27.