The literary hall adjacent to Hovhannes Hovhannisyan house-museum continues to host the representatives of the Armenian culture giving the opportunity to the society to get acquainted with their literary activity more closely.
This time the literary hall hosted Tadevos Tonoyan, a well-known Armenian writer, literary scholar, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor.
During the meeting with the writer the friends and the relatives presented to the audience his life and the way he made giving them the opportunity to listen to his literary works once more. Martin Aharonyan, an Armenian song-writer, guitarist, Honorary Worker of Culture of RA, told about the songs created on the basis of Tadevos Tonoyan՛s poems and filled the day with musical performances. The city authorities of Ejmiatsin headed by Acting Mayor Diana Gasparyan were also present at the event. The Acting Mayor expressed her words of gratitude to those present and the organizers for keeping active the literary and cultural life of the community and making it available for the society.
The pupils are familiar with Tadevos Tonoyan from ՛՛Aghbyur՛՛ children and youth journal. Hearing about the literary meeting with the editor of their favorite journal, the pupils hurried to the meeting to present their works. The editor ensured that the pupils will see their works in the next editions of the journal.