The kindergartens of Ejmiatsin must be renovated and in accordance with all the standards. And to achieve this goal, renovation works are being carried out in several kindergartens at the same time. The works carried out in №13 kindergarten have already been presented. In parallel renovation works are being carried out in №10 "Shushan" kindergarten. The renovation of the bathrooms of the kindergarten group rooms carried out with the joint investment of the Municipality and Issy-les-Moulineaux, the sister city of Ejmiatsin, has already been completed, all the sanitary requirements have been met. At this stage, it is planned to renovate the kitchen and to replace the windows and outer doors of the whole kindergarten. The preparatory phase is over; the tender for the works has been announced. The renovation work will begin as soon as it is completed.
Due to the last phase of the renovation, it is planned to increase the number of groups operating in this kindergarten. The kindergarten will have 2 new group rooms, due to which the number of children waiting to be admitted to the kindergarten will be significantly reduced.