Holidays and Memorial Days

Tearndaraj is one of the fixed holidays of the Armenian Apostolic Church, celebrated 40 days after Christmas. The day is based on the sacrament of presenting baby Jesus to the temple. Under the instruction of His Holiness Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, the day of Tearndaraj has been declared the Day of Blessing of Newlyweds. This day is an invitation for everybody to meet the Lord.
The day was celebrated in Ejmiatsin with the preservation of the whole national ritual.
The ceremony began with a prayer and according to the meaning of the day, the blessing ceremony of a 40-day-old baby and newlyweds was held. Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan congratulated the newlyweds, wishing the newly formed families strength and happiness. The newlyweds and the 40-day-old child also received gifts in the form of gold from the Municipality. The fire of Tearndaraj was lit and the national ritual of the holiday was presented with a round dance, giving the people roasted grains of wheat and singing ditties making those presents participants of the festive event.
To create the complete atmosphere of the family holiday, Historical and Ethnographic Museum of Ejmiatsin organized an open-air exhibition symbolizing the Armenian family life. The photos of 19th century Armenian wedding costumes were also exhibited.