Holidays and Memorial Days

At the session of March 21, 2019, at the first reading the Government adopted the decision to celebrate the last Saturday of April as Citizen's Day in Armenia.
On April 29, the events entitled "Keep Your Mind Bright" were held throughout the whole territory of the Republic.
The festive events in Ejmiatsin were decentralized. Various cultural events were organized in different parts of the city, in which participated the pupils of out-of-school educational institutions of Ejmiatsin Municipality and the song and dance groups of the city.
The festive day started in the afternoon in the yard of the Culture House after Komitas with a short concert program with the participation of the pupils of the cultural center, which was followed by painting with chalk in Mariane Park. The children covered the area of the park with various colorful images, during which Mayor Diana Gasparyan joined them. The children of Ejmiatsin Music Schools № 1 after Makar Yekmalyan and № 2 after Spiridon Melikyan had performances at the Eternal Flame Memorial and Komitas Square. The pupils of Ejmiatsin Youth Center also took part in the program. The pupils of the Fine-Arts School after Yeghishe Tadevosyan presented their works in the form of an exhibition in the territory near the square.
An exhibition-sale of individual works was also organized by the residents of "Mer Doon" NGO, the pupils of the Basic School № 4 and Youth Center. A photo exhibition entitled "Armenia's Velvet Revolution" was organized near the territory of the Historical and Ethnographic Museum․ The whole course of the revolution and memorable moments were presented with photos of different authors.
Boxes for suggestions were placed in different parts of the city, where the citizens could leave their suggestions concerning their vision of the development and improvement of the city.
The central Mashtots Street of the city was closed from afternoon, which became a platform for the elder generation of the city to organize a chess tournament, in which participated the Mayor as well.
And the festive mood became complete by the treats, the barbecue made in the street and the roses, which were presented to women.