More than 1000 trees of the garden of №13 “Tsitsernak” Kindergarten of Ejmiatsin have been planted with the means of Hasmik and Vahe Dombalagyans, the benefactors of the “Armenia Tree Project” Charitable Fund.
Their visit to the kindergarten excited the children of the kindergarten. They greeted the guests with salt and bread and the fruits picked from those trees.
Following the tradition, the Dombalagyan family planted four more trees, with a promise to replenish the number of trees not only with fruit-bearing ones but also with decorative trees.
Another surprise was waiting for the guests. The children prepared a small event devoted to the importance of trees and nature.
During her speech, Anna Soghomonyan, the Director of the kindergarten, thanked the Dombalagyan family for their constant attention and support. "You have set an example for the children, you have taught that everyone should bear the meaning of the family, because planting a tree is a sign of the strength of the family," noted the director summing up her speech.
In addition to her words, Susanna Terteryan, the teacher of the kindergarten, said that we-the Armenians like to plant trees. We planted a tree when a family was formed, a child was born, even when a person died. So today we must keep that tradition by planting as many trees as possible.
Benefactor Vahe Dombalagyan asked the children to be attentive and constantly take care of the trees, so that like today, also in the future they can enjoy the fruits of their own work